NPS and Covid-19

How can you help your customers better during the Corona / Covid-19 pandemic?

Many people are suffering from the effects of Corona.  Millions, because they got the Covid-19 virus, and billions because their livelihoods are in danger and freedoms are curbed.  During this crisis, for better or worse, more and more business shifts to the internet.  Here at FanExam, we’ve done a scan of issues we see in NPS or Net Promoter responses, relating to Covid-19.

One thing, which is really apparent is that people miss contact with the businesses they buy from.  For example, if you sell food products, your customers often can only get hold of your products by ordering on the internet.  This makes the buying experience rather different.  And that also leads to unexpected costs for your customers.  For example, if you have minimum order volumes for free shipment.  We’ve seen low NPS scores caused by costs issues regarding shipments.

The most important thing we’ve seen businesses do is:  Set the right expectations.  Be upfront about possible shipment delays, issues in your supply chain, staff safety, and government regulations.  We’ve seen that customers appreciate being informed in their NPS responses.

For reference, this article was written in May 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was prevalent worldwide.  Fred Reichheld from Bain has written about Covid-19 and the Lesson of Leading with Empathy .