NPS in Dutch / NPS in het Nederlands

The FanExam NPS survey  is multi-language.  FanExam now offers NPS in het Nederlands  / Dutch in addition to the existing languages.  On the FanExam settings page you can preview the survey in Dutch, and you can activate the language in your FanExam snippet.

Screenshot NPS in het Nederlands - NPS Dutch

Advantages of using Dutch for NPS

Most users prefer to answer a survey in their native language.  The experience is smoother and it is easier for a user to give a response.  This translates into higher NPS response rates.

Need another language?  Let us know if you need another language, in addition to:

  • English NPS survey
  • Czech NPS survey
  • Danish NPS survey
  • Dutch NPS survey
  • French NPS survey
  • German NPS survey
  • Italian NPS survey
  • Japanese NPS survey
  • Norwegian NPS survey
  • Portuguese NPS survey
  • Spanish NPS survey
  • Swedish NPS survey

FanExam also offers custom translations for specific use cases.